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On 23 September 2019, the ICC held a conference entitled "The New DSM Directive – ACTA 2 or Reform Stopped Half Way? Siteblocking Update" 2019-09-27

We would like to thank the speakers for their interesting presentations and the large group of participants for their attendance and the interest expressed in the issues discussed.

The conference organized by ICC Polska was attended by the representatives of copyright proprietors, representatives of the collective management organizations and lawyers specializing in intellectual property law. We also hosted representatives of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Ministry of Digitization.

The event was opened by Dr Cezary Wiśniewski, President of ICC Poland, who emphasized the importance of considering the copyright reform. Then Mr Oskar Tułodziecki, Chairman of the ICC Poland Intellectual Property Commission, presented a few remarks on the history of the reform and the necessity of practical implementation of the new regulations. Mr Ted Shapiro, Head of the Brussels office of the law firm Wiggin, talked about the changes that may affect the digital platforms under the new regulations and presented several comments on the nature of the Directive. Ms Sara Van Reempts of the Motion Picture Association, an organization fighting piracy worldwide and connecting people and entities related to cinematography, presented some practical information on the possibility of blocking access to sites infringing intellectual property rights, as well as the measurable effects of this method. The Polish-language part of the conference was opened by Ms Marta Wysokińska, counsel at DWF Poland, who discussed the Directive in a comprehensive manner, including frequently overlooked articles, apart from the most controversial ones concerning the new publishers' rights and the obligations of digital platforms. Mr Oskar Tułodziecki led a discussion on Article 17 of the Directive and the Polish government's complaint against it, presenting a multifaceted analysis. Mr Dominik Skoczek, Director of SFP-ZAPA raised the issue of proportional remuneration for authors. The issue of real losses caused by pirate activity, not only in relation to the situation of entities entitled under intellectual property rights but also for the Polish economy, was discussed by Mr Dariusz Kazberuk, Legal Director for Programming of Platforma Canal+. The conference was closed with a presentation by Ms Teresa Wierzbowska, President of the Signal Association, on the works on self-regulation of the advertising industry concerning the ethical acquisition of advertising space on the Internet, so that the money does not go to entities deriving income from illegal distribution of content.



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